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Why Reiki?

- natural energy healing

- reduces stress

- promotes relaxation

- restores physical and emotional well being 

- clients leave with this feeling of relaxation & balanced

- great for anxiety

- “perfect alignment from head to toe”

- customizable


Sessions range from 45 - 75 minutes

First session is 75 minutues

Crystal Rocks

What Are The Different Types of Energy Healing ?



Sound Healing

Angel Therapy

Oracle Cards

Playing Cards

Tarot Cards

Wellness Coaching


Aroma Therapy

Goal of each session:

To bring the client closer to self, aligned with their intuition & the knowledge, courage & tools to heal themselves.

Crystal Rocks

Not sure who to pick?

Choose which one brings you most peace or the one your eye notices first.  Our sessions are a combination of the different modalities.  We customize each session to the needs of the individual.  There is no one session alike.

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