About Kevin

My name is Kevin and I'm from a small town just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a dog dad and married to an amazing woman who I share so much joy, happiness, and love with. When I'm not on the mat you can catch me hiking, golfing, swimming or kayaking at the lake, gardening, riding my motorcycle, or watching a good movie or show.I injured my back in 2019 and with the help of my wife I attended my first yoga class looking for it to help heal me physically. What I didn't expect is how it would completely transform my life. Yoga has helped me realize that I am, along with everyone and everything else, connected to one another. That by focusing inward and making time for ourselves, time without clouded thoughts, we can learn to grow more patience, compassion, and love for ourselves. When we can do that with ourselves, we can do that with the world.

Through Hatha yoga (the physical practice and poses of yoga i.e. vinyasa, yin, etc.), pranayama (breath work), meditation, and practicing mindfulness throughout the day, my body, mind, and spirit are more connected than ever before. I am more self aware and now truly live in the present moment. Having escaped a feeling of living in auto pilot.

I am now also free of back pain and tightness, but more importantly I have a totally different outlook and mindset on myself and the world. It's truly a beautiful feeling. That is why I started teaching yoga and will continue to share this beautiful practice and way of living with others.

See you on the mat!

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