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Sound Journey

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Why Sound

Sound has been used for many years to bring peace to the body.  Many seek out sound to create such a relaxing experience that allows the body to slip into a deep meditative state.  In some cases, it can also aid in removal of unwanted emotions during an energy work session.  

Journeying with sound is a different experience for everyone.  However, once you experience a sound journey or bath, many become interested in additional sessions.  The energy of a group is completely different then one-on-ones.  Both experiences can be powerful & can hey ignite one's own healing abilities.  Like many students, it can take a few sessions to become comfortable with deep relaxation as the body may resist the slower flow of things.   


 Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of sound.  Our bodies feel most vibrant when they are in true alignment.  Using sound may improve your physical health & emotional wellbeing.  All you need to do is show up, relax & be open to receiving the healing benefits of sound. Everyone can receive

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