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We offer opportunity to take control of your career with all of our positions here at Kiara Mooney Salon, Spa + Spiritual Spa.  Learn how to master your craft by working with the salons existing clientele, new clients, brides, photographers & models. We offer flexible hours & competitive compensation with all members receiving advanced, continuing education. Work one-on-one with Kiara in weekly eduction classes specifically designed to cater to your learning & advancement training needs. You will have the opportunity, if you choose to take it, to receive service commission & product commission incentives once graduated from our program. We offer cash bonuses twice a year or extra PTO  if the team hits their goals together & individually. Grow your clientele with other passionate artists, healers & masters of their craft who love the beauty & health industry just as much as you. Create a one-stop-shop with various salon, spa + spiritual spa services being offered all under one roof. Fun & exciting atmosphere, clean & professional with a twist of fun & lots of laughter. Desire to work in a positive & upbeat environment? This may be your next opportunity. Grow with us! Enjoy discounts on products, services, tools, one on one coaching & business planning for future.





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