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Facials & Crown Ceremony

Our skin artists are dedicated to making your skincare experience relaxing, healing & educational.  Our main focus is using Traditional Chinese Medicine + wave-like movements to remove cellular waste + herbal products to maintain a healthy microbiome (you skins immune system).  We exclusively use Laurel skincare products which is a 100% whole plant, slow farmed, organic skincare. 

ALL FACIALS INCLUDE: head/neck/shoulder/hand massage, only The Ultimate Facial includes ear massage, fascia stretching and or blasting. We may also incorporate complimentary sound tools, crystals & reiki during your session.  Not one session is alike however, you will be sure to fall deep while your body enters the parasympathetic mode. This is where healing of the mind, body & soul begins in addition to starting to rest, restore & repair you nervous system.  


Sun Goddess

Whether healing a sunburn or brightening years of hyperpigmentation, this facial is for sun lovers of all kinda. Vitamin C, flavonoids, and anthocyanins found working synergistically together in whole plants brighten, nourish, repair, and prevent further oxidative damage from occurring. Camu Camu, Rosehip, Sean Buckthorn, and Calendula deliver beneficial results that can be visibly seen in just one treatment. This facial is ideal for hyperpigmentation, scarring and sun damage of all stages, with a primary focus on brightening and evening skin tone, reducing inflammation, and strengthening connective tissue.

60 min

Gua Sha is a tool-assisted massage technique rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been adapted to the holistic skin care realm due to its profound results in sculpting, lifting, and smoothing the skin.  The movement of Gua Sha works to encourage sculpting of the face, increase circulation, reduce muscle tension, and allow for optimal nutrition delivery.  This is building on the Sun Goddess facial with the addition of cyrotherapy & 2 facial masks.


75 min


Gua Sha Sculpt


Lymphatic Lift

Movement is the key to health and longevity. The slow, steady pulse of movement beneath our skin can easily get stagnant, leading to waste and inflammation to build up which can result in hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, fine lines, puffinessand dull, lifeless skin. The Laurel Lymph Technique's micro-lymph movements mimic the rhythm and pull-release motion of the ocean waves.  This is building on the Sun Goddess facial with the addition of cyrotherapy & 2 facial masks.

75 min

Our Ultimate Facial is a fan favorite which incorporates a fusion of our Sun Goddess + Lymphatic Facelift + Organic Gua Sha Sculpt.  It offers an additional 3 masks total, additional ear massage, fascia release or stretching and or blasting as well as our signature cryotherapy & red light therapy.

90 mins

reiki 1.jpeg

The Ultimate

Homemade Natural Soap

Crown Ceremony

Our Crown Ceremony is quickly becoming one of our most booked services in our spa. It is a unique experience that encompasses traditional medicine techniques blended with our unique version of how to honor ones scalp.  This service was designed to soothe the scalp, calm the mind & bring balance back to your soul.  Gus Sha, Lymphatic Drainage, cooling stone therapy, cranial release, head / neck / shoulder massage and so much more creates the perfect blend for ultimate relaxation & reset. 

60 mins

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