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Why Reiki?

- natural energy healing

- reduces stress

- promotes relaxation

- restores physical and emotional well being 

- clients leave with this feeling of relaxation & balanced

- great for anxiety

- “perfect alignment from head to toe”

- customizable


Sessions range from 45 - 75 minutes

First session is 75 minutues

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Meet Kiara


Kiara's professional journey into the spiritual world began in 2013 when she starting working closely with Linda Coughlin, a well known Reiki Master, Massage Therapist & Teacher.  In 2017, she started studying mediation, channeling & her intuitive connection to the divine under the mentorship of Wendy Carlson out of Circles of Wisdom. In 2018, Kiara received her certification in crystal healing & in May 2019 also got certified in Reiki I & II with Marino Fabris, Reiki Master.  In 2020, Kiara also earned her certification in The Healing Angels of the Energy Field with Laura Haley. 


In the beginning of 2020, Kiara found her body speaking to her in pain.  A wise Shaman once said, pain is the bodies way of talking to us, showing us where we have areas to work on, though & overcome some of our most challenging moments. She was left with a list of chronic illnesses, trauma stored in her body, limiting beliefs that was holding her back, fear & confusion. Not only did Kiara believe that she always had "taken care of herself" but she was at a loss of where to turn to next.  This dove her straight into her next part of healing: transforming her physical body.  Through her kinda friend Tabatha, she found the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams.  It took Kiara over 3 years to heal her physical body though nutrition, supplementation, trauma removal, lymphatic drainage & body work but she is stronger then ever before.  Her energetic, emotional, spiritual & overall wellbeing completely transformed & her true purpose was revealed to her: to help empower others to transform their lives into strong, powerful & unapologetic souls. 


After mastering her physical body, she was introduced to sound healing. Even though she had attended sound baths before (starting back in 2019) 2022 was the year she choose to further explore sound & its healing benefits. This not only unlocked to doors to continuing her self healing journey, but it unlocked the transformational healing benefits for her clients.  It took Kiara's natural vibration & raised it to a level that she is able to visibly look at someone & see what their immediate mental, physical, spiritual & emotional needs are.  She is here to empower you to heal yourself, be in sacred alignment with yourself & vibe high enough that you light lights up others.  

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Areas of Focus:


Sound Healing

Angel Healing

Wellness Coaching

Medical Medium Guidance



Emotional Regulation

Cord Cutting


Trauma Removal

Anxiety / PTSD / OCD

Lymphatic Drainage

Coming Soon:

Subconscious Reprograming

Time Techniques


Life & Success Coaching


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