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About Allison

“I’ve always been a healer. It’s just taken many forms over the years.”


Allison’s professional healer journey started in 2006 after completing her Masters Degree in Social Work from Boston College. She had worked in a variety of settings addressing a wide range of mental health issues from depression to psychosis, implementing treatment plans, and managing addiction recovery teams, but something felt …incomplete. As if she was going through the motions but not aligning in her purpose. She enjoyed helping clients, watching people thrive, but there was something about this path that was not fulfilling her true purpose. 


In 2013 Allison decided to take some time to focus in a different direction to try to satisfy what was missing. It was also during this time that her body was running down. Diagnosed with a range of possibilities, nothing in the Eastern medicine prescription was clear towards helping the GI symptoms that presented. Allison started looking towards alternative ideas at this point. Through a variety of ideologies she took hold to the idea that what was happening was how she was coping with stress and internalized other’s pain and traumas that this was how her body was speaking up and asking for help, that her path was supposed to change. 


In 2016 Allison became a mother. And motherhood CHANGED  and CHALLENGED her. She felt energies come on-line that she knew where in her, but never knew the depth of: stronger  intuitive hits, a much deeper connection to the Earth, being able to ‘know things’. This was also confusing- trying to uncover who she was as a mother and to discover who she was as a woman, was remarkably difficult. In 2018 she enlisted the help of a therapist who held a more holistic approach to mental health- where Eastern and Western ideas were practiced. Through this journey, healing the mind started to heal the stomach and then healed the heart. This therapist introduced Allison to one of her teachers, Cara Vianna, who showed Allison how to utilize her powers as a clarisentient and claircognizant and interpret messages from Spiritual guides. Cara taught Allison how to use different energy frequencies for protections, groundings, and healings. During this time Allison received hands-on healings and teachings from her mentor, and Reiki Master teacher, Bri McCorkell. Bri highlighted for Allison her witch powers, her animal guides, sacred Divine self, feminine embodiment and womb care. 


It wasn’t until 2022 when Allison felt comfortable applying her skills and powers to others. For Allison, Reiki is one of the most tangible expression of healing energy out there; hands on healing can get to those places in your heart and soul that traditional modalities do not and enhance the treatments that are already in place. It allows her to combine other healing techniques into her sessions to enhance the healing experience for her clients. She helps you ask the questions you need of yourself and allows for the Divine to come forth to show you what you need to know. 

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