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About Mandi

Professionally, Mandi has spent the past 27 years as an early childhood education teacher at various schools throughout Mass. Crafting the young minds of children from ages 3 months through 6 years old has always been one of her passions. Working with children by creating a safe space for them to grow, learn and to be themselves has always been her main goal.

Mandi is a proud mother of her three boys,Nicholas, Patrick, and Cameron.  Her oldest son Nicholas is a graduate of Reading high and graduated from UNH in 2020, with a degree in IT, Information Technologies. Patrick is also a graduate of Reading High and currently is attending Western New England University, where he is majoring in Business Sports Management, as well as playing College Football. Cameron, her youngest, is currently attending Reading High and is a 2 sport athlete, he also plans to play baseball in college. Her Husband Steve works in the IT field,  they have been married for 27 years and have resided in Reading for 20 years.


Mandi has always had a passion for healing & helping others at any age. When fusing her talents for guiding others & practicing a divination method called cartomancy, she then discovered her true purpose.  Cartomancy is using playing cards for readings instead of Tarot.  This is a unique & powerful method of using playing cards that dates back to the 1400s before Tarot cards existed. Mandi realized that she was able to read cards this way in her teen years from a friend of hers who became a mentor. While Mandi is sitting doing readings, she feels very connected to the cards as well as the client which allows message to flow though her & to be used to communicate important information.


After years of working with children, Mandi wanted to further her education & was drawn to Reiki, an energy healing modality that uses universal light to bring peace to the body.  In 2022 she studied & became a Reiki Practitioner under Amber McMahon.  Her passion for Reiki in unison with her love for Cartomancy brings a unique experience to her session. Mandi will use oracle cards within her reiki session to give more clarity & guidance to her clients. 


During Covid, Mandi had discovered that she was not living her true authentic self & finally stepped out of the broom closet. For Mandi, the term witchcraft at its core is the spirituality of deep connection. It’s the connection to yourself, your environment, the rhythms of nature, to each other, to the seen and the unseen.  


Outside the Spiritual spa, Mandi enjoys making candles, creating custom oils for healing, as well as enjoying a good book. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and family, whether they are playing a sport, or watching a good movie, or leisurely spending time together.

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