About Shea

Shea has always found herself wanting to create beautiful artwork that continuously inspires herself and others. Starting her art career in high school, she decided she wanted to focus her talents toward the beauty industry. During high school, she began assisting at a salon and quickly fell in love with the fast-paced and creative environment.  After graduating in 2019, she began classes at Hairs How Modern School of Beauty.  Quickly after starting hair school, she was inspired to push her boundaries and strive to create work that is unique and speaks for itself. She plans to continue her education in various areas in the field as she develops and grows. Shea never stops practicing and educating herself on new techniques and ways to do things. She is passionate about creating work that will make people stop and stare; to help her clients stand out in a world where it can be easy to blend in. Most of all, she is extremely dedicated to communicating with clients in order to get the best understanding of what their goals are with their hair, and committed to do her best to help everyone have the hair of their dreams. Shea’s top priority is always to make sure her clients will leave the chair feeling happy and excited about the way they see themselves.