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About Jennifer

Jennifer is the salon & spas lead desk coordinator, Wisdom Wednesday card pull & sound healer. Jennifer's truly believed that her journey is never ending & she is always evolving.   


Her spiritual awakening started in 1993 after the sudden loss of her soul mate. Unfortunately, when most people experience a spiritual awakening, death & trauma can play a significant role in starting the process.  During this time, she began to question life, her purpose & its meaning.  This lead Jennifer to look into different faiths, such as Hinduism and Buddhism in order to find answers & herself. Once she felt she had a better understanding in her faith, she shifted focus to astrology & attending various classes for Angel & meditation work. She was even blessed with the opportunity to team up with a few friends & worked several Whole Health Holistic Expos.


For some time, Jennifer let the “material realm” take over & put her spiritual work on the back burner.  She still always felt connected & knew there would be more to offer, further advancement into her gifts & she would meet other spiritually gifted individuals in her future. However, as we all know, our journey has nothing to do with time but we arrive exactly at the moment we are meant to.  


Fast forward 30 years to 2019. Her daughter in school full time & looking for a new part time position she was drawn to the salon.  Once she interviewed with Kiara she knew this is where she would reconnect with her spiritual self & advance her gifts. Not only was this a job, it was a reality check & it has enhanced her spiritual gifts in many ways.


In 2022, Jennifer was ready to fully connect back to herself & commit to embodying all her talent where she dove right back into her true passion, Sound! Whether it be drum space at a Dead Show, the feeling of the beat in a spin class or the crash of an ocean wave, sound is a vibration like none other. Jennifer has recently been blessed with her certification in Sound Healing though Sacred Sounds in 2022.  She cannot wait to work with the Spiritual Spa team in group sound baths & offer private one on one sessions to clients.  She is also certified in IET, which communicates with the angelic realm & works within your 12 strand, spiritual DNA. It safely supports you & gently releases limited energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing you life in the present.


As we know, Jennifer has many talents, is a force to be reckoned with & you can feel her strength as soon as you meet her. This is just the beginning of what Jennifer has to offer & she looks forward to expanding her gifts in the years to come. 


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