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Open Letter From Our Owner Kiara:
"Our oasis was created out of the love for all things beauty.  We opened our doors 9 years ago to create an unbeatable experience for our clients. We are not your average salon, spa & spiritual spa.   The salon has slowly transformed into something wonderful that fuses mind with beauty.  Our main motto is "doing things differently"  & we have been since day one.  From our in-house crafted cashew milk for our espresso offerings to our vegan, 0% ammonia & more health conscious color options, we pay attention to every detail. We have designed everything with YOU in mind. This was not a dream that happened overnight.  It started but 23 years ago in the basement of my parents house. This vision that I held within knowing that one day I would be able to build my space from the studs up!  In 2018, that's exactly what we did. Opening the door 6 months later was the first step at elevating our client experience. Once you view our services, you will be drawn to spend your entire day here if you so choose.  We offer a blend of beauty that leaves you feeling refreshed, nourished & balanced.  In 2023, we expanded offering to health & wellness retreats at our sister location in Windham NH.  Sound journey & yoga with breathwork is also on the menu to provide the full mind, body & soul experience. Every team member was carefully picked for their unique talent, personality, energy & client focus.  We choose to work together as a team & encourage clients to try out all the artists & practitioners. Fully enjoy what we have lovingly created for you.  We cannot wait to meet you,"
xoxo Kiara
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